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About the Brigade

The XVIII Contingent “Ernesto Che Guevara” Volunteer Work Brigade

Work/Study tours of Cuba have been organized since 1993. Nearly one thousand Canadian residents, usually in their late teens or twenties, but not the only ones, have enjoyed an exciting and informative three-week stay in the tropical island where these groups are usually known as the Che Guevara Brigade.

This is a non-profit project of the Canadian Network on Cuba, its organization members, and other groups who are aware of the importance to support revolutionary Cuba and its people’s struggle against imperialism for half a century already.

We work with our Cuban partner and host, the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) to develop a detailed program of daily activities for three weeks, and with our Travel Center Ache Cuba Holidays to do the travel arrangements and get the best possible travel deal, through Amistur Agency in Cuba, which provides the program arrangements.

The tour provides the opportunity to look at the achievements, warts and all, of a small socialist country which has withstood more than 50 years of brutal blockade. These brigades have been planned with two main goals in mind. On one hand it is a practical way to show support for the struggle of the Cuban people, on the other hand it is a good opportunity to advance the process of providing truthful information to Canadians about Cuba.

The Cuban people who are going through so much hardship to maintain their Revolution receive a boost in morale when they see that people from all over the world are prepared to come and help them in any way. The fact that Brigade participants, “brigadistas” as in Spanish, are ready to share some of the hardships must reaffirm to many Cuban people that the sort of social change they are carrying out is important, not only for their country, but also for the whole world.
This is a unique chance for you to support Cuba in the most direct manner by working for a few days on a construction site or agricultural field. You will experience closely the cultural, political and social conditions in Cuba.

The main features of the Brigade include:

  • Working with Cubans;
  • Talks on various aspects of conditions in Cuba given by local prominent speakers;
  • Visits to places of interest (e.g. schools, hospitals, factories, museums, etc.);
  • Opportunity to explore Havana independently;
  • Visits to provincial centers;
  • Participation in cultural events;
  • Participation in the May Day Rally in Cuba.

REGISTER NOW if you think that this is how you would like to visit Cuba. Your seat will be booked right away at the time of receiving your deposit. If you wait we may not be able to get your seat.

This is a non-profit project. We cannot risk reserving a large number of seats (both on domestic and international flights) hoping to fill them in. Past experience has shown us that there are no disappointments.


Che Guevara Brigade Site

VISIT the Che Guevara Brigade website for many other details


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